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Cotton & Ink Gallery
Women's apparel that is hand knit, crocheted, dyed, sewn, and felted. 
hand knit and crochet merino wool tank- tank shown is sold
starts at $35- colors, sizes and fits can be changed
other variations can be purchased at Cherry Bomb in Louisville KYknitted cotton red and white tank
starts at $35natural and blue knitted cotton tank
starts at $35light lichen color knitted Alpaca off the shoulder sleeve tank

starts at $45White Merino wool hand knit sweater tank
starts at $40- color, sizes, fit and sleeves can be changedHand dyed and woven gradated motorcycle jacket with exposed zipper. Hand dyed purple t-shirt dress.
only one- size 4 $100Hand dyed and woven wool and tencel high waisted skirt 
only 1 size 8 $100hand knit and crochet purple merino wool and cotton dress
Can change size and color
starts at $140Hand dyed, knit and crochet black maxi dress
Color, size, fit, design can be altered. Will take up to 2 weeks to produce 1.
The one shown is $270
Any other requested starts at $330hand knit and dyed purple cotton and wool band mini skirt 
Can change color, size, length and fit
Starts at $40wool and satin cocktail dress with winged capped sleeves
Chose size and color
Starts at $70 hand dyed and crochet cotton vest 
Can be purchased at Cherry Bomb in Louisville, KY